A crowd-funding page has been set up to finance a Fijian family’s push to get their intellectually disabled son permanent residency and access to specialist care in New Zealand.

The Givealittle page has been established after a Newshub story about Immigration New Zealand’s plans to deport Sagar Narayan back to Fiji, even though he has no one to care for him there.

The family of Sagar, who is 20 but has the mental capacity of a six-year-old, say he needs constant supervision and fear for his safety should deportation become a reality.

“You have to help him shower, sometimes help him with the brushing of his teeth, and dressing him, and putting the shoes on his feet,” his father Lalit Narayan told Newshub.

The page explains they brought him from his home nation of Fiji to New Zealand in the hope of getting him access to services that will help him become independent. Mr Narayan, who is also his son’s primary carer, says there are no such services available in Fiji.

Any money received via the Givealittle page will go towards getting Sagar permanent residency, Mr Narayan said.

Sagar has been living in New Zealand for eight years on a temporary visa. The other family members were given permanent residency on the condition Sagar was cared for by his grandparents in Fiji, but when both died, he came to New Zealand.

He has no other family in Fiji apart from an aunt, who is unwell and in financial strife.

Immigration New Zealand said the cost to support Sagar with special education would be $16,000 annually.

The Givealittle page can be accessed here.

Source: Newshub