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Jacinda Ardern Receives Massive Pay Rise As Prime Minister


Jacinda Ardern Receives Massive Pay Rise As Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern Receives Massive Pay Rise As Prime Minister

Today Bill English hands in his resignation as Prime Minister and with it, his big salary and perks.The salary and allowance for Prime Minister in 2018 is $493,655, so if Winston Peters had chosen him, Bill English would be getting that today.

Instead he’ll get a $180,668 pay cut. (That’s more than the entire salary of a member of Parliament – $163,961).

Meanwhile Jacinda Ardern will get a monster pay rise.

This time last year she was earning $160,024 as a member of Parliament.When she rose to Opposition Leader that bumped up to $296,007 plus an annual allowance of $16,980. And now she’ll take home the Prime Ministerial salary.

That means a $333,631 – or 208 percent – pay rise for Ms Ardern since last year.
In the role of Opposition leader Mr English will be able to use the Crown limo, but he’ll lose his security detail so he’ll be able to go on Walk-Runs on his own.He doesn’t live in the Prime Minister’s official residence in Wellington, Premier House, because his home is in Karori, but it’s likely Jacinda Ardern will move in there after she’s sworn in.

Winston Peters is also set for a payrise.

As leader of New Zealand First with eleven MPs he was on $198,983.

As deputy Prime Minister he’ll get $334,734 plus an annual allowance of $16,980.The allowance is intended to cover expenses incurred as a result of parliamentary business, including entertaining guests, gifts and koha, flowers, meals, passport photos, memberships and fees.

So how does it all stack up with other world leaders?

Ms Ardern’s Australian counterpart pulls in more than a $100,000 more than Ms Ardern, as does Donald Trump, however the property mogul turned US President pledged to take just a dollar of that as a salary and donate the rest.

But Ms Ardern comes in above Justin Trudeau who earns $80,000 less as the Canadian Prime Minister, and well above Theresa May who earns just $289,411 for holding the reins of the UK.

Source: Newshub

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