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Mother Screams For Her Daughters Life In Lautoka


Mother Screams For Her Daughters Life In Lautoka

Mother Screams For Her Daughters Life In Lautoka

A mother’s scream for her daughter to be saved could be heard while they were allegedly being hit with a chopper by her husband who allegedly hung himself minutes later, Police said. The incident which took place around 2.3oam on 28th October, in the settlement beside Tavakubu Village jolted neighbours from their sleep and surprised a grog drinking group which the deceased had left minutes earlier.

Shaida Bi, 4o is in serious condition at the Intensive Care Unit at Lautoka Hospital while her daughter, Anushka, 8, a Year Two student is said to be recovering, Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said.

Another woman, a neighbour who rushed over to help was also injured on the palm of her hand as she tried to stop Mr Prasad from using the knife on his wife. Samuel Arvind Prasad, 41, a carpenter was found hanging in his kitchen.

Ms Naisoro said the reason as to why this incident took place was still unknown. A neighbour, Rakesh Datt Sharma, said the deceased, some other friends and he were drinking kava on his (Rakesh) porch. “We were talking about religious topics.”

“During that time Arvind (deceased) was also conversing with us and nothing seemed to be wrong or was troubling him. “Between 2-2.3oam he got up and said good night and left.” Mr Sharma said not long after we heard Ms Bi screaming for her daughter to be saved.

“As we rushed over to the house, which is about three doors away from mine, we saw Anushka standing, with blood on her clothes and her mother with blood over her clothes. “I could not see the wounds.” Mr Sharma said the mother and daughter were rushed to hospital while Mr Prasad was discovered a few minutes later.

Mr Sharma said the couple had had some quarrels a few times but they did not know what caused this incident.

“The 4o-year-old woman is admitted in serious condition while her daughter is reported to be stable,” Ms Naisoro said.

Source: Fiji Sun

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