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8 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Hollywood Look-Alike

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8 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Hollywood Look-Alike

It is said that there are 7 look-alikes of a person in the whole world. Whether it is true or not that is still a question. But we have found out 8 celebrities of India who have doppelgangers residing in the foreign countries.

Here is the list of those 8 celebs and their look-alikes:

Arbaaz Khan & Rodger Federer

Arbaaz Khan is known for the various Indian films that he has acted in. one of the heartthrobs of Bollywood has got a look-alike in the foreign country. The national tennis player Rodger Federer is the person who simply looks like this actor of our time.

Deepika Padukone & Irina Shayk

The beautiful and gorgeous Deepika Padukone of Bollywood has got a look alike in Russia. This graceful Deepika Padukone has done a number of films that has earned her fame ad name in the Bollywood industry as well as in other parts of the world. Irina Shayk is the name of this swimsuit Russian Model.

Hrishitaa Bhatt & Alyssa Milano

Hrishitaa Bhatt is the name that is known to the Bollywood industry, though she has not earned much fame in the acting career. But she has got a doppelganger in America. Alyssa Milano is an American actress who has earned a lot of fame for her character role in The Boss and Melrose Place.

Katrina Kaif & Cobie Smulders

Have you ever wondered that whether the Barbie doll of India, Katrina Kaif has got a replica in the western country? Well, if you have watched How I Met Your Mother then you will be aware of the beautiful actress Cobie Smulders. She is the one that looks alike Katrina Kaif.

Preity Zinta & Monica Bellucci

Pretty Zinta has got those lovely dimples and is known for her films like Kya Kahena, Soldier and much more. She has got a look alike in the western country. It is Monica Bellucci who is the perfect look alike of her. She has earned fame from the movie Matrix.

Ranbir Kapoor & Ryan Gosling

Ranbir Kapoor has been the heart throb of many girls of our country and abroad. He is known for the films like Barfi, Yeh Jawani Hain Diwani and much more. In looks and in acting, Ryan Gosling has resemblance with this Bollywood actor.

Hrithik Roshan & Bradley Cooper

No one can stop starring at the Handsome Hrithik Roshan. He has got the looks as well the skills to be an actor in him. You will be surprised to know that he has got a doppelganger in the Hollywood industry. Bradley Cooper is the actor who has got the similar eyes and a long nose like that of Hrithik Roshan.

Shahid Kapoor & Zach Braff

You must have heard the name, Zach Braff. He is known for the TV series he has done, named Scrubs. Other than that he has also acted in the movie- Wizard of Oz. This Zach Braff is a total doppelganger of our very own Shahid Kapoor who has done a number of movies like Jab We Met, Shandaar, etc.


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