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Aamir Khan Spotted At Auckland Airport

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Aamir Khan Spotted At Auckland Airport

Bollywood star Aamir Khan is believed to have touched down in Auckland today, snapping selfies with a waiting fan.

Khan, an Indian film actor, director and producer, took photos at Auckland Airport today with fan Nasir Kahn.

Nasir shared photos of his celebrity encounter to Facebook, with the caption: “Bollywood super Star in Auckland New Zealand”.

Commenters on his post were keen to find out where the film director was staying.

Auckland fan Shane D’Silva said if he ran into the star, he’d “definitely take a photo with him”.

“There would be a lot of hype amongst my family.”

D’Silva said he admired Khan’s work as he was “changing the face of Indian cinema”.

“In India there’s a lot of stigma around taboo topics like disability, women’s rights and homosexuality, but his vision is to make them less taboo through cinema.”

The 18-year-old speculated the Bollywood star could be in New Zealand to promote his new film, Dangal, or for diplomatic reasons.

“When Bollywood stars are in New Zealand it’s often a diplomatic thing, for relations or to promote New Zealand in an Asian market.”

Khan had more than 19 million followers on Twitter and 15 million likes on his Facebook page.

Source: NZ Herald  |    Shane D’Silva

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