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‘Creepy’ CCTV Footage Captures ‘Paranormal Activity’

Source: NZ Herald


‘Creepy’ CCTV Footage Captures ‘Paranormal Activity’

A child’s doll appears to turn its head by itself before objects are launched around a room in creepy home footage.

The video filmed on CCTV shows a young girl happily playing with a toy while a doll on the floor behind her is seen moving its head to the side and back again – seemingly of its own accord.

In the next creepy clip the youngster is drawing when papers on the table next to her begin the flutter in a sudden strong wind.

The terrified girl looks on in fear before being so spooked she flees the room.

Immediately after heavier objects begin flying around the room, propelled onto the sofa.

Then, spookier still, the table on which the girl had been doing her drawing is violently shoved across the room by an unseen presence.

It is not clear which country the footage has come from but is said to have been posted online by the child’s concerned father.

He apparently installed the security cameras after his daughter said something had been bothering her.

It is also not clear where the video was filmed.

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