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Infant Dies In Cot After Parents Overdosed And Left Her To Starve


Infant Dies In Cot After Parents Overdosed And Left Her To Starve

Poor five-month-old Summer Chambers died of starvation and dehydration days after her parents accidentally killed themselves by overdosing in mid-December, leaving her all alone.

It’s a truly grim Christmas horror story. The infant was on her own for five days before she died.

The neighbours thought that the family were out of town – not unusual for the holiday season – as they hadn’t heard or seen any of them for days.

 Summer’s parents died of a fentanyl overdose – a drug similar to morphine but 100 times stronger. 27-year-old Jason Chambers and 19-year-old Chelsea Cordaro had several times more than the recommended dose in their blood system, the Daily Mail reports.

You need a prescription for the drug, so police are looking into who was supplying the couple with it.

he pair died around the 15th of December, and Summer died around the 20th – the bodies of the family were found on the 22nd at their home in Pennsylvania, according to WJAC-TV.

Jason was found in the living room, Chelsea was found in a bathroom and the baby was in a bassinet in the second floor bedroom

Coroner Jeff Lees said that the overdose was an accident. He said: “There was evidence found at the scene, at the investigation that showed evidence of fentanyl. There was heroin also found at the scene, drug paraphernalia inside the residence.”

However, it wasn’t the first time that Summer’s father had overdosed on fentanyl. Emergency services were called only in November to revive Jason. Children and Youth Services were reported and deemed that the house was fine and the child looked after.

But only a month later the whole family had died.

A truly tragic story.

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