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Sky Tower Glass Floor Shatters Under Tourists

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Sky Tower Glass Floor Shatters Under Tourists

Sky Tower Glass Floor Shatters Under Tourists

A group of tourists had the fright of their lives earlier today when the glass floor beneath them “shattered” while up Auckland’s Sky Tower.

The tourists were taking in the views from the 186-metre-high observation deck in the Sky Tower when the glass cracked.

“[It] was just at the tower and the observation glass shattered,” a witness told Newshub.

“Freaked us out, very frightening.

However, a Sky City spokesman said the crack was superficial and was not a case for people to be worried.

Constructed in 1994 and completed in 1997, around 10 million pairs of feet have walked over the glass floor at the observation deck the spokesman said.

Three panels of glass make up the deck’s floor, two of which are protective and the third is structural.

The spokesman said the main glass panel is 1.5 inches thick and is as strong as the concrete surrounding it.

Sky City is pleased the first layer of glass did its job and protected the other two layers, the spokesman said, adding the cracked glass would be replaced.

Source: Otago Daily News

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