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Statement From FijiFirst Leader And Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama On FijiFirst’s Election Win


Statement From FijiFirst Leader And Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama On FijiFirst’s Election Win

Statement From FijiFirst Leader And Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama On FijiFirst’s Election Win

My fellow Fijians.

Today 18 November 2018 is truly a great day in our nation’s history where the majority of you Fijians have emphatically voted and put your hand up to support the FijiFirst message of ongoing inclusive progress and you have unequivocally rejected unrealistic promises and fear mongering based on the politics of division, distrust and disunity.

At the end of our country’s second only truly democratic election process verified and commended by the independent Multinational Observer Group team, I am truly proud to once again lead our nation for the next four years because of your prayers and your overwhelming support and belief in the FijiFirst ideals of progress for all under one nation, one people.

Despite the joint forces of opposition that started their campaign based on lies, hate  and fear against us four years ago, we have triumphed because you the people of Fiji, made up of a myriad of our communities have emphatically with a unified voice rejected the divisive table thumping politics of the old Fiji and instead believed and dreamt with us of a modern Fijian nation-state where no one is left behind. Where development and success is based not on race, religion, province and privilege but instead are based on inclusiveness,fairness, justice and merit.

Even those who ganged up against us begrudgingly had to admit in the campaign period about the progress our Fiji has made under FijiFirst. One political leader even called for a slower rate of growth and created widespread and baseless fears about what our iTaukei hold most dear…traditional land.

These same disruptive politicians of old, aided and abetted by the Fiji Times did not care to tell you the truth – the truth that iTaukei land is not only safe like never before under our Constitution but as total land holding has grown under FijiFirst.

In fact it was only under the leadership of these same dishonest politicians that iTaukei land was actually and permanently alienated.

Their lies and deception knew no boundaries, as individuals, whole communities and religious sentiments were slandered and belittled in an atmosphere of political deceit. They were willing to create economic chaos and undermine our economic future in their greed to win government.

Today, nothing gives me more pleasure and happiness than the fact that the majority of fair minded, good people of Fiji have out rightly shunned this brand of politics that sought to destroy our nation for the sake of political expediency.

I am proud to become your Prime Minister once again, a Prime Minister of all who call Fiji home, of all who feel the pangs of pride when we achieve great things on and off the field as a nation, of those that want a better life for themselves and their neighbours without malice and jealousy. I’m proud to once again be the Prime Minister of a Fiji that has to offer so much more to its people and the world.

Today I ask all who voted for us and also those that didn’t, to run with us as we all work together to make Fiji a better place for all our citizens and our future progeny under a united banner blue.

We will not discriminate against anyone, we will help and grow all, we will unite Fiji despite the poisoning of minds and we will build a country where we all become truly proud and progressive citizens that do not judge each other because of our differences but instead become a nation where we celebrate and unite in our similarities.

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We will not let anyone tell you otherwise.

My fellow Fijians, I thank you once again. I thank the hundreds of FijiFirst volunteers, the thousands of our ordinary supporters and friends and family of the FijiFirst team, because without you we would not have triumphed as a progressive and inclusive Fiji.

I thank God for our win and look forward to doing even more for every one of you with my government over the next four years.

Vinaka Vakalevu

Source: Fiji Sun

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