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Teenager ‘Held Another Girl’s Hand For Comfort’ While Being ‘Gang Raped In Back Of Van’


Teenager ‘Held Another Girl’s Hand For Comfort’ While Being ‘Gang Raped In Back Of Van’

Teenager ‘Held Another Girl’s Hand For Comfort’ While Being ‘Gang Raped In Back Of Van’

A teenage girl held another girl’s hand for comfort as she was raped in the back of a van as six men face charges of sexual assault, a court heard.

The young girl was abused between the ages of 13 and 17 after being targeted as “vulnerable” by members of a Travelling community in Oswestry, Shropshire, prosecutors allege.

It was also claimed that one man held the girl’s leg while another carried out a sex assault which was filmed on a mobile phone, the court heard.

John Philpotts from the Crown Prosecution Service told Mold Crown Court that the men “took advantage of her vulnerabilities to use and abuse her sexually”.

James Dean Evans, 21, of Alvaney View in Elton, faces three charges of rape, and Jimmy Dean Holden, 20, of River View caravan park, Tan House Lane, Widnes, faces two counts of rape, reports the Daily Post .

Silvester Martin Price, 19, of Ascot Close, Albany Park, Oswestry, faces one rape charge.

Danny Arthur Roberts, 31, of Park Hall Caravan site, Oswestry, faces two rape charges and Billy Joe Evans, 21, of Park Hall caravan site, Oswestry, face one count of rape.

Rocky Evans, 22, of Old Hall Road, Elton, Chester, faces four charges of rape, one charge of sexual assault, and two charges of people trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The victim, now 20, had told a drug and alcohol worker that she had been raped more than once and was “passed around” by a group of men.

She said she had been introduced to Rocky Evans through another girl, and that he would pick her up in his van and “pressurise me for sex for ages and ages”.

She added: “That is what they are like. I used to say no all the time but because they pester you so much I have just got to give in and do it.”

The girl said she had tried to walk away from it but they would lock the van doors. “They will not let you go until they get what they want,” she told police.

Mr Philpotts told the jury it was rape because she did not truly consent, but submitted to it.

The first time she got into the van she expected to go and chill or socialise with them, or have a few drinks.

But that was not what happened.

Mr Philpotts said that arrangements were made through another girl, through Facebook or directly after it was alleged the other girl gave them her number.

If she did not answer the phone they would drive up and down the road with music blaring, she claimed.

She felt upset, angry and helpless.

Mr Philpotts said that she was very young and was too scared to say anything to anyone.

Telling the court that the men would discard their boxer shorts afterwards in an attempt to ensure that there was no forensic evidence, Mr Philpotts said “these men knew what they were doing was unlawful.”

The trial is expected to last about four weeks. Other men have also been charged with abusing the girl but it had been decided it would be too complex to deal with them all in one case.

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