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Widows Cry Fills Air Funeral Gathering


Widows Cry Fills Air Funeral Gathering

You left me alone and went away. How will I live without you? These words filled the air as widow, Kamla Wati, cried out holding onto her husband’s coffin as pallbearers carried it to his final resting place yesterday. Not one person who attended the funeral ceremony of accident victim, Vijay Kumar, went home dried eyed.

Loud weeping echoed throughout the shed built outside Mr Kumar’s house as the Hindu priest performed the final funeral rituals. Mr Kumar was involved in a fatal accident with his brother-in-law last Thursday near Kalokolevu Village, Naboro. Ms Wati, walked behind the pallbearers with all of her energy and watched her dear husband being taken away.

Her relatives helped her from falling down as she succumbed to fatigue when she continued pleading: “Don’t leave me!” Her eldest daughter, Sarita Devi, 42, said she only came to know about the accident from her husband. She rushed to the Colonial Memorial Hospital with her husband in a cab, thinking that it was a small accident. Little did she know that her father had died.

She walked into the hospital corridors and saw everyone crying. According to Ms Devi, when she saw her father, her eyes welled with tears as she saw him lying on the hospital bed, lifeless. “My father was a very nice man. He always made sure that everyone was happy.

Even if he was in pain or upset, he would still try his best to make everyone happy,” she said as she wept continuously. She said she would greatly miss her cheerful father.

“My mum will stay home. My son or my sister’s children will take turns to accompany her every day,” she said.

Source: Fiji Sun

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